Waiting for Calatrava – Beckett’s Bridge

He’s a starchitect, and a bold choice for two of Dublin’s bridges by Dublin City Council – things must have been looking pretty rosy back then.
Having cut his teeth in Barcelona with a telecommunications tower for the Olympics and his first signature bridge, Santiago Calatrava has been the toast of modern engineering and endearing himself to architects with bold white pure engineering forms. A pretty phenomenal body of work ensued and Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias in his native Valencia is a mind-blowing neo-futuristic fantasy – very Star Warsy.
I’d be a big fan of his work, but possibly a bit sceptical of how anything could remain white in a Dublin City skyline. The things is, the bridge is a bit of a beaute, it shouldn’t work here but it does. It’s painfully positioned out of kilter with Cardiff Lane so driving North you hit a tight chicane so don’t get a chance to enjoy it looming up ahead. We shot this for a corporate client looking for some somewhat generic shots of Dublin, for a Brochure Website.
Still when the light does decide to peak out and sizzle the bridge against some of our local grey clouds, it’s difficult not to smirk like a sodden fool and fall in love with Dublin all over again.

And something from back in May 2009 when the Beckett Bridge was delivered!

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