Well not quite the top, in fact Two Rock is a even a little further up behind us here… but still, we’re higher than normal.

So a fantabulous welcome to BiscuitRodeo.com a new digital playground for photo driven derivatives and imaging hacks and technologies. We love gizmos and stuff that just plain old looks good, and want to bodge these two things together to make even more cool stuff for t’internet, with or without help from kittens.

So while we’re under the bonnet of the mothership we’re going to get this blog rolling. First up is a workaround on some of Google’s PhotoSphere technology. We can easily make top quality 360s, now our phone can too, but its the sharing and embedding, that we’re not really supposed to do that makes this ace. This PhotoSphere is only supposed for the Google+ environment, but with a couple of wrenches and an oily rag and is scripted right into this here blog. Speed and power are the two key factors here, thankfully Google have good handle on that kind of thing.

We’re ready to get started in live blogging 360s, or at least nearly live, loading these 360s up to Google Maps too. Hook them up to an device app and you’ll be able to harness the accelerometer for some bonus interaction.

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