Two teams battling it out at the start of the season knowing that they’ll both be there or there about in +30 games time. The Premier League’s Arsenal vs. Liverpool clash is always one humdinger of a game, and despite the 0-0 result, the game itself was pretty damn exhilarating.
Monday night football is usually a more relaxed affair with smaller away fans being able to make long distances and home fans scurrying from work to make the pilgrimage. Still the Emirates had 60,000 football fans in there lighting up social media and a couple of million in the digital beyond.
What we’ve done here is collated all the Instagrams from fans at the game, along with tagged Instagrams from fans further afield and made a massive mosaic of all these shots of one of the more iconic images of the game. You should be able to make out new Liverpool man Milner winding up for a shot – if you cant squint a bit and think of its as a 90s magic-eye poster.
There’s selfies, fan footage, stadium shots, food porn, shirt pledges and more. Zoom in and see Mignolet at full stretch, a shot across a bar in Indonesia (!), a romantic couples dinner pre-match, tickets stubs and pre-match rituals.

What is great to be able to see though is how fans post, celebrate and record a single unifying event across Instagram.

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