Ice Bucket

So just back into the office after fighting off the cats and dogs outside, well actually, to be perfectly honest it was probably too wet for any dog or cat. Now nursing a pair of wet feet a cup’o’Lyons finest, and a pre-disposition to feeling poorly later.
The oft lauded ‘green rain’ that those weatherfolk always put on the weather map when Dublin turns to Biblical rain is now and truly upon us, and I’m near certain it’s because I laughed when I shot this Ice Bucket Challenge in sunny August. The charity-minded fold at The Digital Hub had the gaunlet thrown down at their feet and were thus challenged. It’s all well and good when its a nice balmy summer’s morning, but there was still plenty of giddy behaviour and nervous laughter beforehand.
The caretakers very eagerly volunteered their water skills for the challenge.
Cue anticipation, fear and sodden staff. I laughed. Now I’m paying for it.

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