Gigapixel – a billion pixels, or in modern parlance; really, really big photos. No, I mean… really big.

The general idea is photographing a scene in fantastic high resolution so the final image can be viewed online in hyper definition, and then you can go in and have a snoop around the details. Alternatively the final file size will stand up to enormous wall-covering prints too.
We’ve got the techniques, equipments, computing horsepower and patience, to harness the technologies needed to make these enormous beasts of photos.
Online versions are HTML5 bred so work on all your devices, with your gyroscope too if you want.

The can be of lush landscapes, or urban cityscapes, we can even shoot them of fine art paintings which are pretty amazing if you like to be able to see the brushstroke on a canvas. And then you simply embed it where you want – easy as pie.