Food Photography On Site

Long day’s shooting on site yesterday over in ParkWest Dublin at LaRousse Foods.
We had a treasure trove of ingredients and some fine cheffing, expert helpers and a few lighting tricks up our sleeve for the day. Just doing the initial edit on it now and delighted how things are looking. We shot in the demo kitchen on location with full range of lighting and tethered to the computer for instant approval. It also helps massively in getting everyone working off the same end goal as opposed to getting too involved in one singular aspect.
Really spoilt with the quality and range of the produce, but it does help if you’re supplying all of Dublin’s finest restaurants, not to mention Michelins chefs with the finest food known to humanity.
Here’s Gerry shaving some Parmesan and truffles for the pasta shot – with my clunky foot in shot. Looking forward to posting on some finished shots once we get a green light on that.

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