Burke Shipping Dublin Welcomes Giro D’Talia

As we’re constantly shifting files about the places, backing up this and duplicating that etc, we’re also unearthing a few things for earlier in the year that might be worth having another quick look/blog at.
Giro D’Italia 2014 kicked off in Belfast this year and scooted about down to Dublin. Utterly bewildering having something so synonymous with another country flying through your own backyard, but still you’ve got to throw your arms around our skinny cycling brethren and welcome them one an all. Burke Shipping, who we’ve done a few timelapses for over the last while, put up some welcome banners for the heli-cam flybys. Anyways we need some context in the shot and may as well punch it up a bit, and make it a bit more moody, as it suited the strong colours and daring sky.

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