Clerys is one of Dublin’s oldest department stores, it’s an institution. Courting couples met under the clock, had their wedding lists behind the counter and, quite possibly, chose a coffin from there too (probably not but it’s a convenient way to wrap up the sentence).
Anyways after suffering a flooding after torrential summer rain, Clerys re-opened much to the delight of many a Dubliner, may of us who hadn’t crossed her threshold in sometime.
I’m not particularly prone to shopping, but it’s such a handsome building and to imagine old Clerys being gazumped into a generic anywheres-ville shopping ‘experience’ would break my heart. So Fantasy Lights, wrapped up the whole art-deco’ed nodding building in a pretty bow just in time for the grand re-launch after they’d fixed all the damage. When shooting this we say many a Dubliner, turn and smile at seeing the old girl re-open again.