So the 360 video newsfeeds at Biscuit Rodeo Central Command lit up this morning awash with the a clicking dream team of NASA and Zuckerburg. NASA have released awesome imagery of the Curiosity Mars Rover working out near the Namib Dune< on Mars no less, and Zuck published it in […]

Fullscreen for bigger smiles here More from the Vintage Dublin 360 series, this is one is from Talbot Bridge looking back to James Gandon’s Customs House. We’ve a bit of a soft spot for shipping and transport here at Biscuit Rodeo Towers, and to think that the ships of yore […]

Fullscreen for greater satisfaction here So we love our Dublin, and we loves our history too. Its not often we can mix this up with the smorgasbord of other loves in our lives but we’re hugely excited about this new little departure… The National Library of Ireland has a whopper […]

More 3D goodness of Dublin’s late summer. All this makes my head race with possibilities, trying to figure out whats possible and they mark out a few road tests. Looking for foregrounds,mid distance subject and distant backgrounds should make these really pop. It all depends on contrast and focus and […]

Constantly tinkering with whats possible we started playing with the some 3D There’s something hypnotic about the transitions, that makes sense but at the same time are an utter mystery…