I was lucky enough to have an MC Esher book as a kid. Mind-blowing would be an under statement. Fascintating duopolys of clashing impossible worlds neatly dovetailed with unerring geometry. Hooked. Projections of 360 readings have all that potential, and always make me grin. I’ve happened across some more extensive […]

These fellows are phenomenally powerful wily things. Living in Dublin City where I’ve been dived at by seagulls walking down laneways 2km from the sea, I’m pretty wary of these hulks of feathers. Anyways, was sent off boating with some of Howth’s finest Lobestermen (yes, that’s what they’re called, yep […]

Going back a few moons now but, always happy to revisit a personal old fave of mine. The Michelin’s had just been awarded across Dublin and Food & Wine wanted me to jet around to all the happy chefs and shoot them with a preferred ingredient. Young Dylan McGrath was […]