So we would probably consider ourselves as power users of Dropbox. Sounds a bit fancier and a bit more macho than ‘we use it a lot’, but we do/are. So as a wonderful service as it is, we’ve found some limitations to it, and it should be noted that these […]

No Dougal, it’s just really, really close. So always loving a new bit of kit, some schmancy workflows and delicious strawberries, we’re about to go on a gargantuan macro odyssey. We’re far from locked down in the approach but we’re giddy for what this is gonna be able to do. […]

So the 360 video newsfeeds at Biscuit Rodeo Central Command lit up this morning awash with the a clicking dream team of NASA and Zuckerburg. NASA have released awesome imagery of the Curiosity Mars Rover working out near the Namib Dune< on Mars no less, and Zuck published it in […]

So Canon’s hype machine is in full effect with the long-rumoured new DSLR-to-top-all-DSLRs – the 5DS – to be imminently announced. The leaked spec on it is eye-wateringly impressive, though until the full detail emerge its difficult to see where it will lay in their stable of products, especially since […]