No Dougal, it’s just really, really close. So always loving a new bit of kit, some schmancy workflows and delicious strawberries, we’re about to go on a gargantuan macro odyssey. We’re far from locked down in the approach but we’re giddy for what this is gonna be able to do. […]

These fellows are phenomenally powerful wily things. Living in Dublin City where I’ve been dived at by seagulls walking down laneways 2km from the sea, I’m pretty wary of these hulks of feathers. Anyways, was sent off boating with some of Howth’s finest Lobestermen (yes, that’s what they’re called, yep […]

Long day’s shooting on site yesterday over in ParkWest Dublin at LaRousse Foods. We had a treasure trove of ingredients and some fine cheffing, expert helpers and a few lighting tricks up our sleeve for the day. Just doing the initial edit on it now and delighted how things are […]

Dee-lish! I’ve only just finished me lunch, and I’m already starving after looking at this photo again. That charred flesh coupled with a bit of bloody meat, has got to be the most delicious of all ironies. Throw in some sweet sticky marinade, chillies and power-veg broccoli. Fantastic food, and […]