So just back into the office after fighting off the cats and dogs outside, well actually, to be perfectly honest it was probably too wet for any dog or cat. Now nursing a pair of wet feet a cup’o’Lyons finest, and a pre-disposition to feeling poorly later. The oft lauded […]

Clerys is one of Dublin’s oldest department stores, it’s an institution. Courting couples met under the clock, had their wedding lists behind the counter and, quite possibly, chose a coffin from there too (probably not but it’s a convenient way to wrap up the sentence). Anyways after suffering a flooding […]

He’s a starchitect, and a bold choice for two of Dublin’s bridges by Dublin City Council – things must have been looking pretty rosy back then. Having cut his teeth in Barcelona with a telecommunications tower for the Olympics and his first signature bridge, Santiago Calatrava has been the toast […]