I was lucky enough to have an MC Esher book as a kid. Mind-blowing would be an under statement. Fascintating duopolys of clashing impossible worlds neatly dovetailed with unerring geometry. Hooked. Projections of 360 readings have all that potential, and always make me grin. I’ve happened across some more extensive […]

We’re massive fans of Google’s Streetview here in the office. Nothing quite like scouting locations, meeting points, accessibility and just blatant snooping. Being able to spin around and see all around gives a phenomenal understanding of space and location – this is huge in giving online customers confidence in what […]

We wrapped up a small flurry of projects just before Christmas and had slipped into our stretchy eating pants for the break before we’d had a good chance to scribble it all up. Satis Properties are up between the Navan Road and Phoenix Park, and their dynamic look after the […]

Long day’s shooting on site yesterday over in ParkWest Dublin at LaRousse Foods. We had a treasure trove of ingredients and some fine cheffing, expert helpers and a few lighting tricks up our sleeve for the day. Just doing the initial edit on it now and delighted how things are […]

Dee-lish! I’ve only just finished me lunch, and I’m already starving after looking at this photo again. That charred flesh coupled with a bit of bloody meat, has got to be the most delicious of all ironies. Throw in some sweet sticky marinade, chillies and power-veg broccoli. Fantastic food, and […]

Clerys is one of Dublin’s oldest department stores, it’s an institution. Courting couples met under the clock, had their wedding lists behind the counter and, quite possibly, chose a coffin from there too (probably not but it’s a convenient way to wrap up the sentence). Anyways after suffering a flooding […]

As we’re constantly shifting files about the places, backing up this and duplicating that etc, we’re also unearthing a few things for earlier in the year that might be worth having another quick look/blog at. Giro D’Italia 2014 kicked off in Belfast this year and scooted about down to Dublin. […]