I was lucky enough to have an MC Esher book as a kid. Mind-blowing would be an under statement. Fascintating duopolys of clashing impossible worlds neatly dovetailed with unerring geometry. Hooked. Projections of 360 readings have all that potential, and always make me grin. I’ve happened across some more extensive […]

Fullscreen for bigger smiles here More from the Vintage Dublin 360 series, this is one is from Talbot Bridge looking back to James Gandon’s Customs House. We’ve a bit of a soft spot for shipping and transport here at Biscuit Rodeo Towers, and to think that the ships of yore […]

Fullscreen for greater satisfaction here So we love our Dublin, and we loves our history too. Its not often we can mix this up with the smorgasbord of other loves in our lives but we’re hugely excited about this new little departure… The National Library of Ireland has a whopper […]

Clerys is one of Dublin’s oldest department stores, it’s an institution. Courting couples met under the clock, had their wedding lists behind the counter and, quite possibly, chose a coffin from there too (probably not but it’s a convenient way to wrap up the sentence). Anyways after suffering a flooding […]

As we’re constantly shifting files about the places, backing up this and duplicating that etc, we’re also unearthing a few things for earlier in the year that might be worth having another quick look/blog at. Giro D’Italia 2014 kicked off in Belfast this year and scooted about down to Dublin. […]

He’s a starchitect, and a bold choice for two of Dublin’s bridges by Dublin City Council – things must have been looking pretty rosy back then. Having cut his teeth in Barcelona with a telecommunications tower for the Olympics and his first signature bridge, Santiago Calatrava has been the toast […]