So we would probably consider ourselves as power users of Dropbox. Sounds a bit fancier and a bit more macho than ‘we use it a lot’, but we do/are. So as a wonderful service as it is, we’ve found some limitations to it, and it should be noted that these […]

No Dougal, it’s just really, really close. So always loving a new bit of kit, some schmancy workflows and delicious strawberries, we’re about to go on a gargantuan macro odyssey. We’re far from locked down in the approach but we’re giddy for what this is gonna be able to do. […]

Thaar she blowwws! So there’s nearly a kerbillion ickle Instagram photos all sellotaped together there. We’ve been fishing for any publicly posted Instagram posts using both Geo location and hashtags as bait. Once we got those we weaved a little magic over them and got them to align using star […]

Some seriously substantial amount of work going on down in Cork. This has been one of our long standing perches for a longterm timelapse project for one of our pharma bros. Great progress being made, and it’s always a treat to see it especially on a sunny day.

Giddy with excitement in the office for tomorrow’s big day. Back packed, boxes built, paperwork done and dusted. So the fine folk at Liebherr need to roll a 4,500 ton crane onto the massive hulking HHL Lagos. Then the need to do it again, cos the harbour in Hull is […]

I was lucky enough to have an MC Esher book as a kid. Mind-blowing would be an under statement. Fascintating duopolys of clashing impossible worlds neatly dovetailed with unerring geometry. Hooked. Projections of 360 readings have all that potential, and always make me grin. I’ve happened across some more extensive […]


Gotta love that goddam name @tangfood

Gotta love that goddam name @tangfood A photo posted by ConPhoto (@conphoto) on Nov 22, 2016 at 2:16pm PST


If 40foot containers had windows

If 40foot containers had windows A photo posted by ConPhoto (@conphoto) on Sep 28, 2016 at 2:20pm PDT