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More from the Vintage Dublin 360 series, this is one is from Talbot Bridge looking back to James Gandon’s Customs House. We’ve a bit of a soft spot for shipping and transport here at Biscuit Rodeo Towers, and to think that the ships of yore would have docked right up to the Customs House and unloaded their cargo in the vicinity doesn’t half make us smile. It’s plain odd to imagine that in contemporary Dublin happening alongside one of the Dublin Bikes schemes, sure they’d be Instagrammed to bits if they did that now.
There’s a bit of a fog around the Customs House on this one, and you can see the (new!) Liberty Hall peering through this fog. You can also see that there’s now sign of the Loopline Bridge (that’d be the overhead Dart/train bridge). Our Google powers tell us that was constructed in 1891 so, some of the keener mathematicians in here reckon the original photo pre-dates that.

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