365 Gigapixel Mont Blanc

Italian photographer, Filippo Blengini, and his team have managed to wrestle the mantle of the world’s biggest photo with a whopper of a 365gigapixel of Mont Blanc, France – its been covered across the web.
The team created this with a Canon 70D, 400mm lens and a 2x extender using a Clauss head.

35 hours of shooting time, the team captured over 70,000 photos totaling 46 terabytes of data, no doubt this would have been a herculean effort in difficult and extreme challenging situation.

So lets done some reverse engineering with data released 🙂
If we just look at the photo online its about 3.89 : 1 in proportions
So the photo area is:
3.89x times ‘x’ = 3.89x² = 365,000,000,000 pixels
x² = 93,830,334px
x = 306,307px

Photo is: 1,191,574 x 306,307px = 364,987,637,485px, or 365 gigapixel as the man says.
(*just got the press release which states image as 1,200,000 x 305,000px = 365mpx)

Now shooting with Canon 70D sensor: 5,472 x 3,648px (3:2)
400mm lens x 2x extender x 1.6 crop factor = 1,280mm (this would be the 35mm comparable lens)
360º on horizontal axis

If shot with the DLSR in Portrait orientation
20% overlap requires 655 photos: 655 x 0.8(3,648)= 1,911,552px on the 360º

?!?!? but that would mean they could have achieved 1,911,552 x 3.89(1,911,522) =14,213,957,701,340 or 14.213 terapixel

Instead they could have scaled down to the 70D’s next resolution 3468 x 2432px
655 x 0.8(2,432)= 1,274,368px on the 360º
This could have given a final image, if the proportion was right of, 1,274,368 x 327,301px = 417 gigapixels
So perhaps there was another step-down in size along the way – the post-production must have been epic.
Large Format PSDs have a max pixel length of 300,000px so it could have been rendered as a .kro and sliced then.

I’ve had a look at this a couple of times and think me sums are right, do let me know if I’m wrong though…
14.213 terapixel now that would take some beating!

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