– if you like what we’ve done here you might like our take on NASA’s 360º Black Marble too.
So the original published piece by Zuckerberg on Facebook does have a couple of major glitches. Oddly enough its published through the 360video player when in fact its just a still image and all our newsfeeds picked it up as ‘video’ leavin’ us utterly slackjawed (360video on Mars – wtf?!?!?). UX left us feeling like we were missing something with the arbitrary second countdown – it’s definitely not a video.
Secondly the projection was all warped. And then depending on how people were arriving (in-app, in-browser, mobile etc… ) the dang thing didnt work for everyone which always spoils any good party.
Anyways we love 360 photography at BiscuitRodeo, and we’re a bunch of space cadets so we just wanted to show Mars off as best as possible using some tech tools we know and love.
If this gets us a might closer to visiting Mars all the better 🙂