We’re massive fans of Google’s Streetview here in the office. Nothing quite like scouting locations, meeting points, accessibility and just blatant snooping. Being able to spin around and see all around gives a phenomenal understanding of space and location – this is huge in giving online customers confidence in what you’re doing, and how you’re doing it

Restaurants use it to show off their dining rooms – gaining bookings, and the more valuable group-bookings too. Gyms are using it to show off their hi-tech facilities, letting us see the quality of their equipment from the comfort of our couches. Showrooms use these 360 tours to show that it’s worthwhile to come in and see the range on offer, to check the tiles in person, feel the carpet, and jump on that couch. Or if you’re running an event you can map out in a full 360 tour the areas and arrangements you’ve got setup – putting the viewer right in the seat, or in the case below, giving them a jolt of vertigo.