Game of Thrones

Why do you think I came all this way?

So here it is, all 72 episodes flattened and scalpelled out of the celluloid


This is the entire Game of Thrones in a searchable, scrollable, zoomable mosaic thingy – you can find your favourite scenes, characters and executions if you so wish. And with that, I’d better place a sizeable warning that there’s bound to be some unsavory scenes above, some saucy ones and probably the ending bit – at the end. It’s mapped out left-right, top-bottom – like a George RR Martin book.

Do yourself a favour and lose yourself in it by going fullscreen on the far right orangey button.

So there’s about 113,245 tiles there, laid out in a grid of 355 x 319, and each tile is 256 x 144 px – thanks for asking. It could have been bigger, it could be printed, and I’ve got a reasonable enough computer contraption.

It’s a homage to staggeringly well produced TV show, that we’ve enjoyed massively. Thanks.